Axcel Armortech High Speed

The Armortech-HD was voted best buy winner, from Inside Archery magazine, its very first year on the market! The Armortech-HD packs a punch with its superior patented technology, innovative design, and deadly accuracy. Features fibers that are protected their entire length by Axcel’s A.F.T.(Armor Fiber Technology) and an innovative scope design T.C.V.(True Center Vision). All Armortech-HD sights are available with 4, 5,or 7 pins in .010”, .019”or .029” fiber size. also available with the HS (High Speed) option and the Mathews® Harmonic Damper option (Armortech-HD model). The Armortech features all the same great features as the Armortech-HD, without the Mathews® Harmonic Damper. All Armortech Sights are compatible with 1 3/4" or 43MM diameter lenses.

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