Axion GLZ Gridlock 3" Stabilizer


Winner of the Inside Archery Magazine's "Best Buy Award" for 2011, Axion Archery will once again be offering the GLZ Gridlock Stabilizer for the 2012 Season. The GLZ Gridlock Stabilizer is the first stabilizer on the market to feature Mathews Harmonic Stabilizers.



  • 80% less wind drag
  • Reduces the affect of hand-torque during the shot cycle
  • Detailed CNC Machining for a custom Gridlock look
  • Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer Technology


  • Varying lengths to suit your archery needs
  • Comes complete with Mathews Harmonic Dampers and 1 Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer
  • Also available in the "lite weight" version with 2 Mathews Harmonic "lite" Stabilizers
  • 6.5 ounces
  • Also available in "Lite" 5.2 ounces AAA-453LC-LITE.
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