Axion GLM Matrix 6" Stabilizer


This new 2012 stabilizer is for the archer who wants the best in stabilizing in a great looking product that matches your Mathews bow. Being just a little longer than our award winning Gridlock 5" Stabilizer, this innovative technology is sure to make your sight pin rest on the target easier than ever.



  • 80% less wind drag
  • Reduces the affect of hand-torque during the shot cycle
  • Detailed CNC Machining for a custom Gridlock look
  • Comes with 1 Mathews Damper and 1 Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer
  • Also available in "lite" weight version with 1 Mathews Harmonic "lite" Stabilizer
  • 8.0 ounces
  • AAA-2400B - BLACK

    AAA-2400LC - LOST CAMO

    AAA-2400T - TACTICAL

  • Also available in "Lite" 6.0 ounces

  • AAA-2400B-LITE - BLACK





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