Mrs. Doe Pee’s Bucklure

Mrs. Doe Pee’s Bucklure specializes in maintaining the integrity of the Whitetail Doe’s Estrus Phermones; the way nature intended it and Big Bucks expect it.

Mrs. Doe Pee’s Doe in Estrus; fresh, pure, and uncut. Let your buck know he has found a hot doe.
Use pre-rut, during the rut, and post rut. Available in a 1.25 oz applicator bottle that will drip, squirt, or produce a fine spray mist. Also available in a large 4 oz bottle for refilling the applicator, and in a 5.25 oz combo pack.

“Mrs. Doe Pee Bucklures… the way nature intended it, and big bucks expect it!”

We Lure, You Hunt.

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