Zebra Barracuda Strings & Cables

Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing process, we are pleased to announce the release of our newest addition to a long history of premium bowstrings: the Barracuda. We firmly believe the Barracuda to be the highest performing bowstring in the world, not only in the field but also on the target line.  Like our other premium bowstrings, Barracuda also utilize the patented “ZS Twist” technology that has revolutionized the industry for over a decade. Furthermore, Barracuda strings are taken through an extensive and unique pre-stretching process, eliminating creep before the string is placed on a bow.

Zebra Barracuda strings come standard on our premier Mathews and McPherson Series bow models.  Barracuda can be purchased in most sizes to fit an extensive list of compound, recurve and crossbow  makes and models. Barracuda bowstrings are available through your local archery retailer.  

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