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Screamin Bull CROSSFIRE

Screamin Bull-CROSSFIRE  

Cross Axis Quiver

Featuring a patented integrated 3 piece system that maximizes the strength of the bows riser, offering a compact quiver, stabilizer and string dampener all in one super strong system.

PIPS technoligy "perfectly-in-place-system" for a unique stabilizing and torque free design that enhances accuracy.  CNC machined from 100% billet aluminum including the arrow hood.

Available in "LOST CAMO" low profile design offers great stalking abilities with fast deployment of arrows.

Stainless steel fasteners to handle years of tough weather conditions up to 20" of arrow gripper contact span to reduce vibration.

Disclaimer: because of the aftermarket high performance technical design, installation of this product on Mathews bows will void your warranty.


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