Fighting Squirrel

Finally, it’s here – the strongest and most universal phone mount for your bow.  Turn your phone into an action sport-cam with the “Fighting Squirrel,” and record every shot!  The phone mount takes seconds to install and slides into the clamp with ease.  Rather than spending hundreds on those other cams – use the one that’s already in your pocket!  The “Fighting Squirrel” will hold most phones in their protective case, and it’s compatible with stabilizers with a maximum diameter of 2 inches. The high-quality neoprene foam padding ensures that your phone is protected from shaking free from the bite of the “Fighting Squirrel,” and it protects your phone and/or case from abrasion. The "Fighting Squirrel" can be mounted horziontally or vertically aside the stabilizer. 


  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Spring Loaded Technology
  • Seconds to install and use
  • Tough Hydrographic Finish
  • Made in Wisconsin


  • Weighs 5.5 ounces
  • Fits all smartphones up to 3.5'' in width

* Stabilizer not included

*Patent Pending*


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