Hi-Tek Sports Ultimate Hunter UL-7

Ultimate Hunter UL-7
This multi-rod, multi-chambered, light weight stabilizer is the first of it's kind. All 3 carbon rods are powder filled with our patented powder and each stabilizer is equipped with our Bumper technology. The key to this innovative stabilizer is the stud that attaches it to the bow has been left loose so you can reverse the stabilizer. Thus, the Ultimate Hunter may be mounted by the rigid end or by the super flexible Bumper end. Powder explodes in the chamber on the shot resulting in less shock and noise. All stabilizers come with two weights and our stabilizer cushion. The light weight design allows you to place the weight exactly where you need to. The Ultimate Hunter, step up your game with the stabilizer that is the ultimate in options. The UL-7 is 7.0" and weighs 5 ounces. Available in Lost camo.

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