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Elusive Wildlife Technologies XLR 100 Pro Pack

The best bow kit you can buy, period! Now available in Mathews® Lost Camo®. This kit gives you 3 color options (green, red and white) with 2 remote switch options and 2 mounting options (threaded tailcap to stabilizer or bow sight mount with velcro adapter) all included. Includes our XLR 100 green bow light with stabilizer threaded tailcap, both the XLR 100 red and white swappable LED modules, pressure and ON/OFF tactical switches, handheld flashlight tailcap, universal battery charger with both AC wall and DC car adapters, 2 18650 2600mah rechargeable batteries and our ATV/Sight Mount Adapter. You can also choose between Single Mode (high power only) or Dual Mode (low and high power) LED modules. Dual Mode gives you optional light intensities allowing for greater flexibility and low power also conserves battery life. The Kill Light® XLR 100 Flashlight along with all 3 LED's carry a lifetime warranty. All other kit components carry a 1 year replacement warranty. Includes 3 LED's (green in the light with red and white swappable) Choose from Single Mode (high power) or Dual Mode (low and high power)

Price: $169.99
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