Alpine Softloc 7 Arrow Quiver


Since the introduction of the Soft Loc Quiver System it has only gained popularity. The Soft Loc quickly became known as the quietest, mid-priced quiver available. When mounted on a bow, this quiver actually reduces felt vibrations therefore acting as a great, and very practical vibration dampener. The many awards for quality and innovation have posted this system to be quoted as "The best quiver system on the market!"

As with any good hunting dog, bloodline means everything. The patented Soft Loc Quiver is no different. The inception of the 5 arrow Soft Loc made a big hit in 2001 and since has evolved into the introduction of a 3 and 7 arrow version. The beauty of the "system" is the extreme versatility of the quiver itself due to the unique rubber mount and dual guide rails. Attach or detach the quiver quickly and quietly. Vertical adjustment, vibration dampening, hip holsters, and compact mounts are all features that a great quiver must have. All are present in the Soft Loc family.

Available in Lost and Lost AT.

Price: $44.99
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